Everyone is ready to go home..
Everyone is ready to go home..
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1261153 tn?1303906068
lori115, Apr 20, 2010
wow what a beautiful pic you and the kids look great!
560501 tn?1383612740
tonyad, Apr 20, 2010
Oh thank you much.
The older boy is my son (11)
and the 2 younger ones are my grandbabies :)
They are tired out   Lol
198419 tn?1360242356
sllowe, Apr 20, 2010
1297647 tn?1280864396
IMSRuThieM, Apr 30, 2010
I love it..I would squeeze them
560501 tn?1383612740
tonyad, Apr 30, 2010
Awww... Thank you..And believe me..I am always squeezing those grandbabies of mine
of course my son too...But he thinks he's getting to big for all that mushy stuff  Lol

872566 tn?1283000816
Joyful50, Aug 28, 2010
You are beautiful and have a beautiful family. sure do not look like a grandmother but you know that is only a word. and to me, it is the best word in the dictionary. I love it. I have 5 grandkids. They can make the worst day so much better as soon as they walk in my door. I count my blessing each day.
560501 tn?1383612740
tonyad, Aug 29, 2010
  Awww, Thank you so much :)   It is GREAT being a Grandma isn't it?
Yes, God is good All the time!   Even when Satan tries his best to bring you down....
I know I can ALWAYS count on my Lord and Saviour to hold me strong!
Have a Great Week :)