my xmas profile pic
my xmas profile pic
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lvfrogs, Dec 21, 2009
Love this! Can I steal it from you??? It's great!
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wannasmile63, Dec 21, 2009
Hi Colleen,
It is great isn't it. Found it on the net somewhere while trying to get tired, probably some ridiculous hour of the early morn. Hoping all your hysterectomy surgery goes to plan, and would love to hear and help you after surgery. It's been such a rollercoaster this whole last 6 months. Just recieved great news that my biopsy report from my surgery has shown stage 1A OVCA, fully contained to right ovary. Thankfully, that means just regular CA-125, and a close watch on any changes, but they are very confident and so am I, and no chemo. Like you, I knew what was going on was not right. Talk soon,
still soft (((hugs))),
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lvfrogs, Dec 22, 2009
Yes, it is great. I have tried to resist getting up and getting on the computer when I am wide awake. I don't know why, maybe it would help me sleep! This menopause, waking up - zing! wide awake, is for the birds!!   Thank you. I will let you know when I get the nod yes! Trying to hope for the best.
That is wonderful news that it is fully contained, that they found it so early, and no chemo. As long as you are confident in that, I am confident too! So very happy for you, Merry Christmas, a good present. Just stay on top of things, which I know you will do!!
Hugs back at you,