My Daytona 500 Pacecar Baby
My Daytona 500 Pacecar Baby
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stubby226, Dec 20, 2008
ok, what is your story behind this picture?  It sounds interesting.
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Me967, Dec 20, 2008
Actually that is a picture of me next to our 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix 40th Annual Daytona Pace Car.  Bo Wha!
My husband is a massive Nascar fan.  It is in storage during the winter months.  We bought it a couple years ago.  My Gramma God bless her (she passed away in late September) would only go to the doctors in this car.  She loved it.  She also loved muscle cars.  For her funeral it was right behind her.  

Out of  1500 there was only 5 made with the ram air and sun roof.  One was wrecked.  I know the guy that has the other 2.  I'm not sure were the forth one went.  

Anyhow, I call this car Beauty and the Blazer behind it I call the beast.  LOL
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utahmomma, Dec 21, 2008
Very cool my friend, very cool!
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MJIthewriter, Jan 28, 2009
That's a pretty car.
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lonewolf07, Jan 28, 2009
I'd like to have a Delorean in that color  lol

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jimi1822, Nov 02, 2009
Cool car =0) I drive  a "smart car" myself (it seems to suit me =0) black on black on black with chrome rims. Oh Yaehhh LoL <3 jimi <3
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Me967, Nov 02, 2009
This car is only out during the summer months here.  I call it Beauty and the blazer (behind it, by the bass boat) with the 3 inch lifts is the Beast.  LOL  My Gramma when she was alive used to love riding in this.  If she had an apointment to the doctors or "anything" it had to be in this car only or she would not go.  She would come up with some reason why.  LOL  She loved muscle cars!  For her funeral last year I drove this behind her with all of the lights flashing.  LOL  I think that would've made her happy.  As Forrest Gump would and her were like peas and carrots.  hee hee.