my youngest
my youngest
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PrettyKitty1, Jan 31, 2010
LOL How cute! I just love this picture. What a cute baby girl. Love the t-shirt!!!
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opus88, Jan 31, 2010
oh she is one 'spoiled little girl'....stayed with gramma for a whole month of Dec......cats were not impressed!!
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aheart, Feb 17, 2010
ahhh so precious!! All he needs is a cigar (fat one) and a pool table to play poker on! Good pics!
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LindaTX, Mar 16, 2010
She is a cutie.....I bet the cats kept her in her place, ha-ha!
1149072 tn?1269772847
DiamondFox, Apr 28, 2010
Awwww, she is absolutely adorable and SOOOO cute!!  Love the red jumper -  DiamondFox
1201929 tn?1293711672
onyxangel, May 12, 2010
haha how cute!!! She looks spoiled huggable doggie ;)
1308071 tn?1273890117
tacost, May 19, 2010
Ohhh, How adorable. She is beautiful!!
535822 tn?1443980380
margypops, May 23, 2010
Little bulldog ? she is very cute
874521 tn?1424120397
opus88, May 23, 2010
yup a 'bull'dog!! thanks
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rod44, Dec 31, 2011
She is so cute :)