Big Cat, Victor about 7 years old
Big Cat, Victor about 7 years old
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opus88, Feb 14, 2010
Oh your babies Jeremy and Victor are absolutely gorgeous cats!!! everyone knows I am so crazy abt the black and white coloring.....I may just need to get another(?)
they are beautiful, I do hope it works out and Victor accepts Jeremy more, the biggest issue is that they are both males!
Males...have this territorial issue..BUT I have 2 males also and they manage to live together, don't fight...just pretty much ignore one another.
good luck!!
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Becca1962, Feb 14, 2010
I think, ultimately, it will be a case of Victor ignoring Jeremy, that's pretty much how it is now. Jeremy is a bit of a bully, especially when it come to meal times. He came from a house with 5 other cats and a dog and so he had to be a bit aggressive to make sure that he actually ate. He is a very friendly cat with other cats, but Victor was a rescue cat and I don't know anything about his background. His notes did say that he wasn't good with other cats, but he actually hasn't been that bad.

Here comes Victor for his tea ...
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Jade59, Feb 23, 2010
Big Cat is beautiful too!!  I do hope Big and Little become friends soon :)