Thisis my little beansprout
Thisis my little beansprout
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Desperately_TTC, May 05, 2010 cute..touch wood. i am so very happy for you!! CONGRATs!!  Hats off to all moms out there...I too wanna get prego soon. Finallymommy2003 if you dont mind I would like to ask you some questions. I was dx with PCOS this Jan. Then Now I am on Metformin. had a cycle of Clomid now the doc stopped clomid. I am having at present Metformin 1000g and Duphoston 10mg. is there a way to speed up my process of TTC?

I am just getting a share of others experience so that it would help me Conceive. Please let me know the big med or the cure that you achieved in order to conceive. Might be i too can conceive the same way!!!

thanks a load in advance.
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finallyamommy2003, Jul 03, 2013
Hi there
Well My son is going to be three in September and we are expecting our third in February. We ending up only doing on cycle or  Famara (letrozole), Dexamethasone and metformin... Hadn't tried anything until we did our cycle... We hit it right on... Now im 2 months... Wishing u the best of luck... Hope to hear from you soon.