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lucy1997, May 21, 2010
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David_Q, May 22, 2010
Why Thats what bipolars like when It's episodic.Not nice aye.Im realy good now with the right meds.How are you?
1319945 tn?1277619089
lucy1997, May 24, 2010
im fine just sent bugsite a message! hes really cool. soooo wat have u been doing then??????
1110659 tn?1272163134
David_Q, May 25, 2010
G/day Lucy Ive been workin everyday,keeps me busy which is a good thing for me.So where on earth are you? Meliksham wheres that?Im in Perth Western Australia,arguably the prettiest city of OZ.
1319945 tn?1277619089
lucy1997, May 25, 2010
England lol! it really hot at the moment. its cold normally
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David_Q, May 26, 2010
Yeah the weathers funny everywhere.we had a huge hailstorm ever recorded only two months ago,kagoolie earthquake.Volanos tsunami.So how hot is it in the U.K ? OZ gets nice & warm too.
1319945 tn?1277619089
lucy1997, May 26, 2010
cool! 27-31 degrees.
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Bugsite, May 26, 2010
DQ you snob! sorry, but we say Sydney is the prettiest city in OZ. >=-)