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rendean, Apr 02, 2010
My favorite flower!!! Beautiful pic!
572651 tn?1530999357
Lulu54, Apr 02, 2010
My daffodils are in full bloom, thanks to our warm weather.  A perfect treat for Easter.  Very nice picture.
751951 tn?1406632863
PastorDan, Apr 03, 2010
Very nice, indeed.  Thanks for sharing!
801327 tn?1265041670
maryzen, May 11, 2010
yeah, I like this one.. your camera likes to focus at the very bottom right. You should really take advantage of that, photos with an odd focus say a little more than those perfect mid focus photos. Change your angle to down and right, like with this picture, you went in heavy on your right side. Perfect for close up still life, come in close with the camera at your bottom right angle up, so your focus pulls out and extends all the way up to the top left of the photo. You know what I mean? I named my camera Bob.. Kodak Bob. Great camera. Has an odd focal point too. I'll come in close on a beautiful flower and what Bob gives me is a fuzzy flower and a perfect ant crawling off in the far right corner.. ha. I take Bob everywhere, just in case.