This is the FLAIR image I mentioned.
This is the FLAIR image I mentioned.
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biowham, Apr 19, 2010
I do see the sot you mean, and another less-bright one in the opposite hemisphere and a little more posterior. Also see it on T2. I cannot comment at all on what it might represent. I have about five spots like this, but no one thinks they're much of anything (I'm 42). What someone will think of yours likely depends on (a) the reader and (b) your neuro. If this is a change from your previous MRI in January, that's highly relevant. Good luck to you. --Bio
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PastorDan, Apr 20, 2010
Thanks, Bio.  Yes, I saw the smaller spot too.  Actually, a friend pointed it out to me while looking over my shoulder.  Both of these are new since the previous MRI, 15 months ago.
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Fluffysmom, Apr 20, 2010
I see them, too.  I'm glad you have an appointment witth your neuro relatively soon; I don't see mine until June 3. The brighter one seems pretty good-sized for one on a 1.5T, as far as comparing it with ones on my MRIs. I posted some of mine from last year comparing a 1.5 with a 3T; probably about page 5 in my pictures, if you get bored and are curious.  I have lots of "non-specific" lesions, and enough specific ones to finally get diagnosed, lol.  Hope your neuro finds yours as interesting as we do!
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deborah0904, Apr 22, 2010
Did you ever get a printout of the Radiologists report?  They can give you one even before your appt. with the Neuro.
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PastorDan, Apr 22, 2010
Yeah, deb, it came today, & it's full of gobbledygook & doublespeak.  I'll make a list & a call next week, & probably ask some questions the fool isn't ready to answer.  Tells me I have changes that haven't changed.  Does actually mention demyelination as a possibility, but doesn't sound at all confident, by my reading.

Thanks again to all of you.