Granny did it with her
Granny did it with her
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nickieb85, May 11, 2010
Aw! She is still cute even with the shorter hair and your mom is a saint for loving her so much to do it with her =0) you have are really special family there =0)
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TRENIECE, May 11, 2010
That is awesome! Your mom is amazing and wow.. I can't even get my words together and with her shorter do i still see a model! She is gorgeous!
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butterflybabies, May 11, 2010
That just gave me the chills because it is such a beautiful thing for her to do...your girl is sooo adorable..and I am praying extra hard for your family!
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krichar, May 11, 2010
This brings tears to my eyes...what a special moment, and what a great love!
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bluebaby1976, May 12, 2010
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Jenny101407, Jul 15, 2010
OMG what a beautiful picture! I will be praying for your little girl she's so strong!
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Cassandrajane, Jul 19, 2010
Awh, I am actually crying!! That is pure love right there... You and your family are truely amazing and she is lucky to have you all around her!

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ashleighnb, Jul 19, 2010
Thanks ladies she was so upset to lose her hair and always wanted to wear a bandana or hat...she is such a girly girl, but now she holds her head proud and loves her "bald" as she calls it. She is so strong and amazes me everyday.
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k10road, Aug 03, 2010
Your mom is so amazing and Destinee's strength is inspiring :-)