Orphans growing up
Orphans growing up
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ireneo, Jun 18, 2010
When I first got them, they were about a week old, ran about 40 grams. Now they're about 6 weeks old and over 400 grams. Doing very well and almost ready to move to an outside cage. Little stinkers. In a few more weeks, they'll go free again.
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AppleBr, Aug 09, 2010
Man, they were soo cute!! They must be raising their own families by now...
Found some a long time ago, but my mother would never let me take then home. I Wish she had :-)
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ireneo, Aug 09, 2010
They're a bit tricky to raise. These "kids" were released a few weeks ago and I hope they're doing well. Maybe these guys will have families next Spring.