My wedding day!
My wedding day!
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kellibubba, Sep 13, 2010
Such a beautiful the dress and flowers
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Sherri90049, Nov 23, 2010
Ditto to what Kelli said! And the scenery, too! Gorgeous! Where is that?
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missybirt, Nov 23, 2010
colorado springs, colorado. its called the garden of the gods.  behind us is what is called the kissing camels. great fall day, it rained earlier so its green still. colorado doesnt get much fall when it does it turns brown so this is late september.
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DollFacePR, Nov 23, 2010
Love the pic..! You guys looks awesome.
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sweetpea03, Jul 11, 2011
beautiful picture! love your bouquet.
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missybirt, Jul 11, 2011
Thanks did that myself, paying someone way too much to do what I can do for a quarter of the price. Grocer store flowers and $1 fabric your done..
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Becca323, Jul 22, 2011
beautiful! omg that background is amazing. you look like you're barefoot. haha that's awesome :)
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giddik, Aug 14, 2011
Miissybirt...You look sooo beautiful and happy! Your hubbie looks life he is living his dream life.....being married to the most beautiful bride in the world!!! Now you must reach out together to fullfill your dreams together!!! I w
ish you the best that God has to offer you as a couple!!! May God bless and kept this loving family as happy in the future as they are today!! Amen!!