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Dazon50, Jul 24, 2010
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painbrain, Jul 29, 2010
Oh my Gods I love this one too!  I have been thinking about this whole BP debacle and it just fills me with so much emotion I want to find an art outlet for it because It is one of those things that words just cannot fully express.  I want to go to my local BP station in a bathing suit, with one of those old fashioned tanning reflector thingies and set up a beach chair in front of one of the pumps, then have someone throw a bucket of slimy tarballs at me while I take a picture.  But I am pretty sure they would call the cops and have me arrested, so it is just a dream for now, lol.  

I hope you don't mind if I try to repost this image.  I think it is really powerful.  Thank you for posting it!
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margypops, Jul 29, 2010
maybe the government should be laying alongside SuperBP