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narla, Jul 24, 2010
wow!!! love the colours
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Dazon50, Jul 24, 2010
Me too!!!  Wow is a good word to use here!!  Spectacular would work also!!!  I feel the muse stirring gazing at this!!!  where did you find it????
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painbrain, Jul 29, 2010
WOW, I have to agree.This is sooooo inspiring.  It is almost like you can see the trees aura shimmering!  I try to do "grounding" meditations where I visualize myself having strong roots like a tree growing deeper and deeper into mother earth, and at the end I think of all those roots connecting to the source of life and feeding my branches so they can grow and reach towards the sun!  I am totally stealing this picture to use for visualization!  :D  Thanks for putting it up!  Is it a picture you took and altered or is it one you found somewhere in "internet land"?