Becky's star
Becky's star
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Searching48507, Jul 28, 2010
How beautiful.  You are sooo talented and I'm soooo jealous.  I don't have 4 fingers and 1 thumb, I have hands with 5 thumbs:-)
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ireneo, Jul 28, 2010
Thank you. Actually it took me 4 days just to do this one square because I kept running into problems. I've never done this pattern before and I had to ask some experts how to attach all those triangles to the center piece. The instructions in the book were not that helpful. I'm just glad I persevered and got it done.
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ska4life1986, Jul 28, 2010
wow it is beautiful i am sure she is really proud ,what lovely thaught god bless you ireneo you are a lovely kind person x
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justscore, Aug 01, 2010
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  Can't wait to get it!!!!  
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lvfrogs, Aug 02, 2010
That is gorgeous!!!
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SilverLining00, Aug 22, 2010
Simply beautiful!!!  Very peaceful.
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Me967, Nov 04, 2010
Very nice!!!!....I see you have been busy.  Just droped by to say hi.  It's been a while and I'm just checking in.  HUGS.
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vienna13, Oct 20, 2011
lovely!! Great colours!