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painbrain, Aug 08, 2010
I need CLoudwindgates help on these.

I am inspired by his "health cards" series. :D  (They are awesome! and soooooooo.....i dunno, I don't have the right words.....they are art, its s'posed to leave one immersed in emotion, not speech, and it does! :D

SO I want to be brave and try to do a series inspired by the health cards.  I want to do a series of emotions. "moods" or "states of being".  I am not sure what I want to call it yet.  But I want to use part of this photo in it.  But I dont know what programs/techniques would be a good place to start modifying it.  I have only used PicNic before.  IDK if thats good or not?

Anyway.  Cloud if you see this what are your thoughts?  I am thinking of using the emotion wheel. :)  Can you repost the link ?


thankjs to anyone who doesnt think this image is creepy. : P
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Dazon50, Aug 08, 2010
I don't think it is creepy :0()  It is expressive.