TSpine T2 #7
TSpine T2 #7
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jensequitur, Aug 10, 2010
This looks like two lesions in the spine to me - one at the back, where the sensory bundle is, and one in the front, where the motor bundle is.  This makes sense.  I have paresthesia, numbness, and weakness in my feet and legs - just not all in the same place.
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jensequitur, Aug 16, 2010
(Tspine) Findings: There are no previous studies available for comparison.  Evaluation of the thoracic canal shows no evidence for spinal stenosis.  Visualized best on the STIR sequence in the lower thoracic cord there is an area of abnormality consistent with a vocal area of demyelination.  This lesion is approximately 13 mm in length and is situated within the midaspect of the thoracic cord.  There are similar subtle lesions predominately dorsally located within the upper cord, which are much less conspicuous.  There is no pathological contrast enhancement.  There is no evidece of any significant extra-axial disease.  There are mild degenerative changes in the thoracic spine.  The dominant lesion is located at the T10-T11 level.  No other significant findings.
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Heather3418, Aug 17, 2010
Hi dear heart,

The radiologist DOES say that you have some subtle lesions in the upper cord.  The large one at T-11 is obvious.  It looks like you may have a disk bulge closely impinging on the cord at T-11.  Did they say you had any disk changes?

Remember not to bother looking at the white area surrounding the cord.  That is only spinal fluid, which is constantly flowing up and down the spinal canal.  It's what is within your cord where you can clearly see the lesion.  Since this is so low in your spine, I would guess this may be causing the problems in your legs.  You, of course, can have lesions higher up in the spinal cord and still have problems with the legs.  My spinal lesion is at about the bra line and as I was told, could affect everything below it.  Hence all the trouble with my legs, bladder and bowels.

You have a beautiful looking brain, despite the lesions.  You don't seem to show any signs of brain volume loss.  Which is good news, when it comes to MS.  I hope it stays that way.  These films are good to show others what MS looks like in the brain and the spinal cord.  Very clear and precise.

I'm glad that you finally got a scan on a 3T.  It's amazing how much better you can see things, isn't it?  I just had my first 3T the end of last year and they found 23 lesions in the brain.  They were small, so I would suspect that they have been there, but just missed because of the low resolution of the 1.5T MRI.  I cannot imagine what our brains and spinal cords will look like when the 7T is commonly available.  I don't know if I want to see mine or not.

Take care sweetheart,
(Earth Mother)
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kelly97, Nov 07, 2010
Wow! Your t-spine lesion is just about in the same location as mine. No wonder our symptoms are so similar!