My daughter Mary and her date
My daughter Mary and her date
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margypops, Sep 24, 2010
awwwww so cute love her posh frock ....
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mellie4, Oct 02, 2010
Wow, Mary looks gorgeous!!!!  The dress, the shoes, the makeup and hair are all perfect on her!!  I guess I'm going to miss that this year with Liv off to college and Maura not at that age yet.  (Though I was getting fed up ... those dresses can be pricey, not to mention nails, hair, etc.)  Her date's cute.  Is he a BF or just a friend?
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Sarajmt, Oct 02, 2010
Thanks!  He's a friend but would like more.  He's a great kid.  And boy, those dances do get expensive!!
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namnam46, Oct 18, 2010
She is GORGEOUS in that dress and shoes!!!!  Be VERY careful as I kept telling my Hubby, Jean, that we could 'only be friends" and I married him  months later!!!!  LOL
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adgal, Oct 19, 2010
She is beautiful.  And I love the don't see that as much as you should anymore.  Oh, and I am another that told DH we were friends only.  Married 2 years later!!  lol