Same area 6 mos. later
Same area 6 mos. later
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Audrey_M, Sep 27, 2010
Most recent brain MRI hot off the press, so I don't have the radiologist's report yet. Looks like some punctate lesions have faded while some lesions may have gotten larger. But dangerous to guess!!! PO'd that the legend on the posterior side obscures an area a lesion was present in March (see next slide).

The main reason I posted these was to try to show a side by side comparison. There are other more "dramatic" slides, but heck, you've already seen my brain, so why show you more? It's always nice to leave a little bit to the imagination, said the woman who dresses well, but not provocatively.

Don't know how people analyze these on a comparative basis. The two slides were the closest I could find for actual comparison. Both Mar and Sep MRI's were done at the same facility, yet it seems that the slices were not exactly the same, which would seem to make comparison difficult.