look an actual real smile..thats me on the right.
look an actual real smile..thats me on the right.
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dominosarah, Oct 16, 2010
It's nice to finally see one of my "chicks"!!!  You 2 are pretty girls~~~~
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Iwant2Bclean, Oct 16, 2010
Lucky!!!! I can't wait til I get to go see a game! One day when I get this crazy life of mine settled!!! Looking good girls!
271792 tn?1334979657
IBKleen, Oct 16, 2010
You're not a big fan or anything, right Ang???? ROFL
1253584 tn?1332877954
ang_811, Oct 16, 2010
IBKleen.  lol..no im not really...im actually a die hard mountaineer fan...i look like wvu threw up all over me..i love it.

iwant2bclean..there is nothing better in this world then the mountaineer pride.
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jstntime, Oct 16, 2010
You didn't tell me you had a siamese twin!!!  Have they made plans to separate you???  You joined at the shoulders too or just the head???  ha ha  Nice to see what the Yankee fan I'm up against looks like!!!

Congrats on the clean time Ang!!!
1253584 tn?1332877954
ang_811, Oct 17, 2010
jstntime....u always have something to say about everything dont ya? lol

btw just at the head....and no..lol

oh and lets go YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u know it wouldnt be the same if i didnt say something about my yankees. its just not me. u know?

congrats on ur clean time also, im only 1 day ahead of ya so good job to ya.
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jstntime, Oct 17, 2010
Yes I do have something to say about everything.  How perceptive of you!!!

I just noticed that in each of your pics you guys seemed to be joined the same way ....hence the comment.

Down with the Yankees!!!!! (forever)

Don't let me catch you in clean time!!!
1253584 tn?1332877954
ang_811, Oct 17, 2010
U said ur down with the Yankees? Good for u on finally liking a winning team! When I say I'm down with something it means I like it!!...

I knew u would come around!

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laurel453, Oct 18, 2010
ooops, they can't be twins, there is a woolhat in the middle.... my guess is that they got glued during one of these matches and since then, they can not be apart :)
1253584 tn?1332877954
ang_811, Oct 18, 2010
yeah jstntime!!! didnt u see the wool hat? cant be siamese twins... duh!!!! lol and yes i am acting like im 7 yrs old..

thanks laurel453...sometimes we just got to set these boys straight around here win they get out of line. u know... : )

one more thing...yankees rock.