new additions to the family
new additions to the family
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sllowe, Dec 02, 2010
Omg! They are sooo cute!
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drsdonthelp, Dec 02, 2010
Thank you, Too bad they are poopers and chewers!! I have thrown out 3 throw rugs because they ripped it apart! They are lucky I love them so much. LOL The darker colored one is mocha, and the lighter one is snuggles ( my 4 yr. old named him). I have a 9 yr. old peek a poo and his name is cappuccino, we call him chino for short. What can I say, I love animals, even though my allergies don't. HaHa
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LisaJF, Apr 22, 2011
They are adorable!

Thank you for allowing us to see the beautiful you and your beautiful family (of course animals).
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drsdonthelp, Apr 22, 2011
Lisa, Thank you. I appreciate that very much.