drawings I did before eye surgery
drawings I did before eye surgery
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drsdonthelp, Oct 19, 2010
another wrong date, ha ha
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Lulu54, Oct 25, 2010
I really am envious of people who can sketch and draw.  I never developed that skilll beyond about 3rd grade!  Thanks for sharing your work.
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drsdonthelp, Oct 25, 2010
Thank you very much.. someday I will attempt to draw my own kids. Sad to say my eye disease prevented me from doing this.
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figuerpa, Nov 01, 2010
Wow you are really good. Wish I could draw like this. Amazing pics!!! :)

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drsdonthelp, Nov 02, 2010
thank you so much.. I miss doing it!!
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LisaJF, Apr 22, 2011
You are quite talented!!!!
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drsdonthelp, Apr 22, 2011
Thank you , I will get back to drawing again someday!! When I do, I will add some more to share with everyone.
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Nicoal, Sep 15, 2011
Dang, you're a wonderful artist!!!
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drsdonthelp, Sep 15, 2011
Thanks Nicoal, wish my eyes weren't so messed up and didn't have the hand tremor, I would still be doing it.