28 Weeks
28 Weeks
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natashajay, Oct 29, 2010
thats a cool bump! i cant wait to be 28 weeks and have a nice bump...i will def look pg and not fat then!
and i do love that tattoo...its adorable xx
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Cassandrajane, Oct 29, 2010
I Look HUGE! :( LOL... That tattooo is crappy!! LOL.. Got it done in someones kitchen ahahha. Never again. Ima get them re done when Harry is born, They will have shading and stuff in too :)

You dont look fat now soo shh

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therese101, Nov 02, 2010
Your belly is so cute! I wished mine looked like that when I was pregnant! Maybe next time lol. I was too embarrassed to have any belly shots done when i was pregnant, keep these up yours are beautiful!
1303813 tn?1303159362
Cassandrajane, Nov 02, 2010
Thank you, I get professional ones done soon for FREE :) LOL.. cant wait, Considering I hate my body and wish I had a different, Pregnancy is beautiful and well Im proud even if people look at me in digust! LOL..

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ConnieG, Nov 15, 2010