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pertykitty, Nov 14, 2010
LOVE IT!! what were you saying to him?
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blueyes34, Nov 14, 2010
I just kept saying "Good boy Munchie!" lol.  We had an osetopath come a couple of weeks ago (which is covered thank God and is offered through his early intervention program) and she made a HUGE difference!  Sandi (Dragon 1973) suggested it since she worked with Hunter.  She comes back this week.  She said he didn't realize that everything was connected together in his body and when she was done....Bam....he was able to prop himself up!  He's getting better everyday.  I think she's supposed to come a few more times but it really did work!  How's Macy doing?  I'm going to check out your profile for an update and look for pics lol :)