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Ready_2_be, Nov 30, 2010
This is how I have my sofa propped for dual feedings. It is really 100 times easier to feed them both separately, 50% of the time I luck out & one baby wakes up 30 minutes before the other & I quietly feed the first baby hoping to get him fed, burped & changed before his brother wakes up...BUT 50% of the time I have 2 babies crying at the exact same time for their bottle.......I have to angel the cushion of my sofa Quitea bit, its a little more angeled then a car seat, then since they can't hold their own heads up for 30 minutes yet, I have to angel their heads on a side pillow while I feed them. Then I have to stop and burp each baby at the halfway point.
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Kricket212, Nov 30, 2010
Renee, they are getting soooooo BIG.  
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Ready_2_be, Nov 30, 2010
Thanks for noticing.... they are getting big & strong! Tomorrow they go to the pediatrician for their 2 month check up and I am curious to see how much they weigh now!
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journey2motherhood, Dec 01, 2010
That is too cute!
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mhv, Dec 04, 2010
2 month check up?!?!?  Time is flying by my friend!!!  
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dorti, Dec 05, 2010
that's the way to do it:) Good job!
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jennlaurin80, Dec 05, 2010
Look at you !! I have gotten lucky with the boys and the other one seems to wake up right after i finish with the other one.
Good idea with the sofa cushions ...i might have to borrow that idea when Brian goes back to work on Tuesday !