this is how i dual feed but it's not easy
this is how i dual feed but it's not easy
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Ready_2_be, Nov 30, 2010
this is how i dual feed but it's not arms are getting really strong from holding them straight out for 30 minutes ...& I end up having to do about half of their feedings this way! But it is a lot better then letting one baby cry...that's heart wrenching.
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Mybabypooh, Nov 30, 2010
They are adorable!!!
1386655 tn?1452097056
journey2motherhood, Dec 01, 2010
You certaintly have your hands full, but its great isn't it?
961574 tn?1520648103
mhv, Dec 04, 2010
Ok, so, How did you take the picture???  : )  Colton and Branden are soooo cute by the way!
1165284 tn?1323455476
Ready_2_be, Dec 04, 2010
Good question Melissa...My hubby came in for lunch & I told him to take a picture since Kristy from Georgia was not too keen on the dual feeding in car-seats system...I like this better then that too....but of course my favorite is when I have one baby & can spoil him & my hubby has one and can spoil that one!!!  Can you believe how different they look from eachother!! :-)  But they are almost the exact same size as eachother!
1054108 tn?1314298660
dorti, Dec 05, 2010
I think it is more fun that they look different from eachother. Cute boys!
1057389 tn?1325465587
jennlaurin80, Dec 05, 2010
they are such little cutie pies ! They have grown so much, so quickly...aww :)
1242417 tn?1375927438
Kristyingeorgia, Dec 14, 2010
LOL, thanks for taking a photo!!! That looks very uncomfortable!!! We should invent something to duel bottle feed in comfort!!!