Deb BretMichaels
Deb BretMichaels
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GSDgirl, Dec 22, 2010
Oh My,......I am jealous!!!  what a great picture!!!  You 2 would make a great looking couple
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Trinity4, Dec 22, 2010
Wow!, you look better than Bret and much prettier than Kristi Gibson but alas, she is the mother of his children.
Good pic!
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nygirl7, Dec 22, 2010
I look like a goof but after the night I had making sure we got to meet him (the other girl was an hour and a half late and we were supposed to meet him BEFORE the show not after, then got us lost, then turned her phone off so that my connection couldn't call us....crazy crap) I am lucky that my eyes aren't closed cause I felt like I was going to vomit from it all (not from him he is actually very very nice and MUCH more good looking then in pictures and tv).

I did keep poking his abs to see if they were real and yes, they most certainly are.  *sigh*
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blondie717, Dec 23, 2010
nice picture,youdo have FUN! merry Christmas
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thissuks88, Feb 05, 2011
It kills me the way he does his lips everytime he takes a pic! Everyone is doing that now, what is it? LMAO But thats cool, see you are alot like me with your connections!!!
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GoofyDad, May 18, 2011
Is my boy wearing eye liner? C'mon homie - that sh!t's not right.
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sunshine415, Aug 08, 2011
wholy moly.... lucky YOU... excellent pic... hooray for you....
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BoceprevirGal, Mar 25, 2012
Fun pics!
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MrsPincince, Jan 16, 2013
Awesome pic:)...You're very pretty!..