My boys are getting so big!!!! :-)
My boys are getting so big!!!! :-)
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Sherri90049, Dec 30, 2010
They sure are! And this picture could be in the dictionary next to the word  "GORGEOUS"! You and your DH must be overjoyed! I always look forward to you posting new pics! :-)
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hopeitworks, Dec 30, 2010
Awe they are so adorable!!!!! Sure are getting big.:)
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cwolf1006, Dec 30, 2010
Awww, they grow so quickly! And they just keep getting cuter and cuter :)
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Rose33, Dec 30, 2010
adorable! how many pounds r they now?
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Melissa_71, Dec 31, 2010
omg they are just gorgeous!!!!! they have beautiful skin/colour!!!! just adorable! : )
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Kricket212, Dec 31, 2010
I love how they are always reaching out for each other, just to see that they are there.   They are so cute!!!
Happy New Year!!
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Ready_2_be, Dec 31, 2010
Colton is just under 14 pounds and Brandon is just under 13 pounds they are both 23 inches tall !!! Thanks ladies for all the sweet messages. I want you ladies that are TTC to know that it took me a very very long time so your time for mommy-hood is coming in 2011!!!!
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dorti, Dec 31, 2010
beautiful big eyes...
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usuk, Jan 01, 2011
delicious - as always :)
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mhv, Jan 01, 2011
Oh Renee! they are both soooo handsome! : )  Getting so big too!  What a wonderful family!