My little baby (12wks 2days)
My little baby (12wks 2days)
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KAnuCmEY, Feb 07, 2011
Wow, this is a great picture. it's really neat knowing they already look like little babies. Congratulations!
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bex1979, Feb 07, 2011
thank you :)  I know i couldn't' believe how much detail that could be seen already, like a little mini-baby!  He(or she) was jumping around like a little acrobat, really showing off :)  I hope your pregnancy is going good!
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DaylightDancer, Mar 17, 2011
Hi!! What a cute pic! Have you read about nub theory? It's a way to predict baby's gender with about 75% accuracy from NT scan profile pics. This pic clearly shows baby's nub, both sexes have it before 13 wks! BUT with boys, it is in a 30 or greater degree angle to the spine. With a girl, it's parallel. I think it looks like those lines are parallel, so I think you are likely having a girl! :)