Paisley - Her first "Doggie" Pillow
Paisley - Her first "Doggie" Pillow
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illinwithoutacause, Apr 15, 2011
she's probably never slept in such luxurious accommodations!  enjoy each other!

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jibjen, Apr 15, 2011
Probably not... I gave her a rawhide bone her first night and she was devouring it..I had to stop her because I was nervous he was going to choke..I don't think she ever had one b-4
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MrsAristotle, Apr 16, 2011
That is one stunning doggy dude. What breed is she? Very handsome.
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sllowe, Apr 16, 2011
Jibj - So loving that pillow! Think I want one, hahah
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jibjen, Apr 16, 2011
Hello ladies, Isn't she beautifal. We do not know the exact breed.. Some paperwork says Boxer/Lab some says
Boxer/Shar Pei... She does not have a  purple tongue but somewhat a wrinkle face...I see more Boxer/Mastiff/Lab than Shar Pei really...Her tail is really funky...I think the owners tried to "dock" it themselves or it was broken or something and then of course her ear...but her eyes and face have a gentle Lab look along with the Lab chest and fur..So I am calling Boxer/Lab...She is truly a Love Bug...I have to post some more pics ...Keep you poseted.