Why I do what I do! Patrick, day 1
Why I do what I do! Patrick, day 1
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Lady Lauri, Apr 20, 2011
Patrick was found on March 16th, an hr from death, and quite amazingly not dead, by a maintenance man at Garden Spires Apts who saw a 'twinge' of movement in the bag. He had been starved, abused, then put into a garbage bag and dumped down a 19 story garbage shoot by KISHA CURTIS, a call girl (being polite here)  He is now known world wide and has brought amazing things to the fight against animal cruelty, brutalization, bestiality and torture and in changing these atrocities to felonies, in getting people that are capable of doing these things either in prison or in mental health facilities. Statistic alone constantly prove that human beings cable of this often go forward to adult and child abuse, rape,torture, murder. I don't know of one serial killer that did not start with animals. To dismiss these cases, smack on the hand and send these people back into our society HAS to change, and we are changing it. I work daily, in some way, to change these laws, save some of these victims of cruelty. What I see daily, even on just my sites I participate in, is UnGodly. This dog is just ONE of millions, he is now the lucky one and is now THE 'poster dog' that has brought so much action and changes to this topic nation wide. He at least suffered for a cause. I have many links to join this fight, even in just continuing and signing the many petitions world wide to change these laws, just a few minutes of ones day. Any animal lover, please join the fight with is.            Pet your pooch today, LP