Me & my gorgeous boys!!!
Me & my gorgeous boys!!!
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moonpiebaby, Apr 25, 2011
OMG!!They are getting so big!!
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hopeitworks, Apr 25, 2011
Oh Renee!!!! They are getting so big!!!!!! Look at those handsome little men you have!!! And you of course look gorgeous like always!!

xoxo Leanne
961574 tn?1520648103
mhv, Apr 25, 2011
Oh Renee, they are getting soooo big!  I cannot believe it! : )  Growing up right before our eyes!!!   You look fantastic too!  So pretty!!!!!  Love This Picture!
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Melissa_71, Apr 25, 2011
The boys sure are gorgeous...and so r u!!!! ur doing an amazing job with them!!!!! waz ur secret for looking amazing and raising twins? : )
1165284 tn?1323455476
Ready_2_be, Apr 25, 2011
Haha...Thanks ladies...I clean up and look like this only about once a week the rest of the time I am in work-out clothes or sweats & a ponytail!!...I told my hubby...quic take my picture while I have makeup on! lol....These guys are so big & it was like wrestling 2 aligators to get the 3 of us in one picture....Colt is trying to escape while the picture is being taken! :-)
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jessting, Apr 25, 2011
WOW...Great Picture of all three of you!!!  BOYS have gotten so big...I cant believe it...doesnt seem like they could possibly be that old, or look that big!!   Time flys!    babies are so handsom, and as always you look amazing!!!  
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journey2motherhood, Apr 26, 2011
Beautiful picture Renee! Wow how time goes by so quickly, They are beautiful (you too)
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Kricket212, Apr 27, 2011
How special.  YOu are truly blessed.  They are so cute & certainly have grown.    I can't wait to find out what the sex is of our twins.  What kind of stroller do you have may I ask?  Side by side or the front/back one.
689922 tn?1325177863
cwolf1006, Apr 27, 2011
Beautiful picture!! All 3 of you look adorable and so happy!
1416390 tn?1333901604
globetrot, May 02, 2011
What a great picture!  They are adoreable!!!!!!!!