Remodeled Shower
Remodeled Shower
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LisaJF, May 04, 2011

Hey where's the update on Gideon's photo? Should put him in there :P

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COBOB, May 04, 2011
He is in the shower with me about twice a week.  Before he goes out in his training vest, he has to get all cleaned up.  I sit in the seat and he sits in front of me to get cleaned up.

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LisaJF, May 05, 2011
Now that is cute! Does he love the water? Is he apprehensive?  The cleanest dog in Colorado!

I actually like the tile too, I have that in my shower as well (the color) just bigger squares.
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marymoto, Sep 22, 2011
i put my dogs in the shower too i just find it so much easier