Mahi, Wahoo & Tuna
Mahi, Wahoo & Tuna
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Trish77, May 13, 2011
Wow....those are BIG fish!  What kind are they??  That would be a lot of fish dinners!
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pedro007, May 14, 2011
Those dorado  look like about 40 lbs. ea. I've caught and eaten them in Mexico after going out on a charter. Sure are pretty when they first come out of the water. One of my favorites.  I've never seen, till now, or eaten a wahoo. Good fish? Cool way to make a living.  
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Aaron57, May 15, 2011
The Dorado got beautiful color to them for sure ... Wahoo are real pretty in their own kind of way .. and one of the fastest fish in the ocean .. kind of the Cheetah of the blue ....

Wahoo in the Hawaiian language is called Ono ... the direct translation for Ono is delicious : ) !  A light white meat that's good even for sashimi or cooked anyway you like ... Wahoo get big in Mexico ... I've caught several in Cabo San Lucas in 1983 that were around 75-85 lbs ... mostly here or on Guam 45 lbs is getting big .
Dorado i would not normally eat as sashimi ...

Those were good years, Fuel was cheap & fish prices ok ...
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pedro007, May 16, 2011
Do you have any idea what the Spanish word for wahoo is? I spend most of my time on the Carib side. Don't know if they are on the Atlantic side too. Is Mahi Mahi considered lower quality / price fish?

There were lots of Hawaiian settlers / workers here. Probably shanghaied by Captain Clap {Cook}.  Still, some descendants are kicking around. We have a Kanaka Rd, Kanaka Light.
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Aaron57, May 16, 2011
The Carib side has all the pelagics , Wahoo as well ... + Spanish Mackerel .. a different species but they look almost identical to Wahoo ,  the Wahoo has straight apx. 2in. bands ... top to bottom of blue color on the sides ....  and the Spanish Mak's lines are not symmetrical .. kind of zigzag ..

As far as I know Pedro, Wahoo is known as Wahoo there .. but not positive ... the pacific method is to troll over the 40-60 fathom drop off ... can be trolled for at a pretty fast speed .. 7-12 knots .. I usually work at 7-9 knots depending on sea conditions ...
Wahoo will bring in apx. two - three times the price of Mahi ... depending on season and size.

Further east in the Bahamas where there is a fast drop off .. the fishing system and name is the same ...

Where exactly are you on the Carib side ?
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pedro007, May 17, 2011
My hangout is off the N.E. tip of the Yucatan Peninsula on an Island called Isla Mujeres. Been going 10 years. To Mexico 30 years. Bought a house there. I was going to go down  last Oct. to do a reno on it but I couldn't leave the country because of our mutual little problem. $ON OF A BEECH.!  F...ed up all my plans... Oh well....

It is very shallow there for a long way off shore. Maybe that's why I haven't heard the locals speak of wahoo. .You can't buy it in restaurants??? That's why I wondered if there was another name for it.
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Aaron57, May 18, 2011

I've heard of Isla Murjeres from a friend of mine years ago who was thinking of buying there ... just checked on the net ... looks like a really nice place to hang out !

I have a close friend who has property somewhere around Playa del Carmen  ... Pedro Michel, he's a gem carver , artist etc..  we met here in Bali in about 1997 ... just had lunch together the other day ... he's been trying to talk me into coming that way for many years .... maybe someday ... got to get through this challenge first .... after Tx I'm going traveling ...

here is a link to some of Pedro's work ..

It's not often to find Wahoo in any restaurant anywhere in the world ... as far as I know .... there's a much better chance you could find it at the local fish market or local market  ... they are not usually caught in numbers .. like Mahi are.....

I see on one sport fishing charter operator's website from Cancun .. they do target Wahoo there ... anywhere there is Mahi, Sailfish etc... there might be Wahoo .