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Kricket212, May 21, 2011
aww.  So cute.   WHere is the pic with mommy included?
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Melissa_71, May 21, 2011
lol i cut myself out of all of them...closeups and me don't
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annaleo, May 23, 2011
He's beautiful. :)
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Rose33, May 26, 2011
he's adorable
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enolia, Jun 07, 2011
I just saw this pic, Matthew is sooo adorable.
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Kricket212, Jun 10, 2011
I JUST LOVE THIS PIC mELISSA.  He is just so cute.
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Ready_2_be, Jun 13, 2011
So so so handsome!!!!
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sweetpea03, Jul 14, 2011
he's adorable! cute little smile.
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mhv, Jul 27, 2011
Melissa!  Matthew could be a little man model!!!  He is absolutely handsome!!!!   You are going to have your hands full when he gets older! : )  
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melimeli, Sep 03, 2011
He is THE cutest boy I have ever seen....  he is gonna break hearts :)