Hiking in Central Colorado @ 10,000 Ft.
Hiking in Central Colorado @ 10,000 Ft.
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LisaJF, May 23, 2011
Aha! Nice to see you out and about Bob!  Is that Gideon? He must of been in his element on this hike!

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drsdonthelp, May 23, 2011
Hey Bob,,, Great Picture!! Soooo this is where you've been hiding out! LOL I can't believe how big Gideon is... Is that Jeff or (Geoff) I forgot how his name is spelled, sorry. Glad to see you living life!!

Hugs, Pam
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kelly97, May 26, 2011
Where's your Oxygen tanks...hahaha, just kidding.  We had some family that came out here that were taken to the top of Pikes Peak. One of them passed out at the top, so they had to give her Oxygen.