Gideon 7 months with Big Dog Teeth
Gideon 7 months with Big Dog Teeth
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jensequitur, Jun 17, 2011
Those are his adult teeth?  Or does he still have baby teeth?
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COBOB, Jun 18, 2011
He lost his puppy teeth in his sixth month (last month.)  As the vet said: "His 'killers' are coming in fine."
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kelly97, Jun 20, 2011
his middle section is glowing like the Green Lantern. Is there a secret you want to tell us?  :-)
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Sidesteps, Jun 20, 2011
What a handsome puppy. :) He makes me miss my puppy. What breed is he?
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COBOB, Jun 20, 2011
Gideon is an English Mastiff.  They are considered an ancient breed and the largest canine breed.  Not as tall as a Great Dane, but bigger frame and he will have a head like a 16 lb bowling ball.  Full grown, he should be in the 180 - 220 lb range.
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Udkas, Sep 08, 2011
Gideon is very cool.  I have a new puppy too, but a bit smaller than yours.