being sober @ a christmas party
being sober @ a christmas party
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10356, Dec 09, 2008
Isn't' that an amazing feeling.. I remember my first sober party.. I felt so proud..
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Dazon50, Jun 26, 2010
A real achievement!!!  I am happy for you that it has been a lasting one!!!
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jimi1822, Feb 12, 2013
I'm the chubby guy on the left LoL =0) with the Burberry tie of course ;o)
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Nighthawk61, Feb 24, 2013
Very handsome gentlemen, congrats on the sobriety, you have much to be grateful for...keep up the great work~~
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jimi1822, Feb 27, 2013
I'm clean 13 years and counting from a 8 year 1992 - 1999 Vicodin addiction/dependency =0)
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digger1976, Jan 26, 2014
Don't know why I never checked your pics before, guess I never had to your words did the speaking and showed me the kind of person you are, thoughtful and caring. NOW I'm adding gentle giant to the list, lol. 13 year is something to be very proud of, great, great work! Partys are hard for me sober, I try avoid them lately, maybe soon, eh! Cool pic mate, and even cooler tie, ;)
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jimi1822, Jan 26, 2014
Burberrys of course Mr Digger  =0)
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katmandu516, Jan 26, 2014
You definitely are a handsome man with good taste!!  13 years Jimi....Something to be so proud of. I, for one, am proud of you!! Sobriety looks good on you!