Almost grown-ups!
Almost grown-ups!
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LisaJF, Jul 27, 2011
My goodness, what great genetics you have Jennifer Aniston! (winks)

My, dont I wish I had the set she's got!!!!!!!!!!!  

Nice looking kids! Erm I mean grownups!
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tingletingle, Jul 28, 2011
Wohoo, it's like an episode of baywatch with Pammy, and the Hoff and the other guy. I reckon at good chance that they'll be able to keep you and hubby in the style that your accustomed to and probably very soon. Good job.

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sllowe, Jul 28, 2011
You both are histerical! I'll tell you with all honesty, Lis, it's the bra - no good/big genetics on that end to pass along, LOL!
And, T - I'm afraid the accustomed style you mention has alot to do with keeping my hair dresser in business w/all the fabulous gray dye job she has to do on my head since teenage years- oy! Love em lots for sure - but lord knows this is a different world than the one I grew up in!
xoxo ladies - mucho thanks for the woo hoos, and winkies :)
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drsdonthelp, Jul 28, 2011
shell, you are too funny! You have a great looking family!!!
I could use a bra like that, HOLY SCHMOLY!! lol  Just kidding, Your daughter is very beautiful and your son's are very handsome!

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sllowe, Jul 28, 2011
Thank you, Pam!
I tried some myself, but w/the the fall-out, or down I should say, lift doesn't quite work the same as on the youths, hahah
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LisaJF, Aug 07, 2011
Bra my @$$!  It's the young, vibrant, "I don't sag" age!  Meanwhile as I deal with my gravitational mishap which leaves me with fried eggs --I will envy from afar. (Well, basically gawk at the photo).


Just think you'd make a great living producing nice looking kids.  You'd be a billionaire!


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Udkas, Aug 17, 2011
What a great photo, what great looking kids.  Take after their mum "of cause". Although looking at your photos you are both a gorgeous couple. It is a different world, but I am sure your kids will be fine.  They have two parents who love them and a good family structure.
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sllowe, Aug 19, 2011
Aw, you know just what to say, at just the right time. Thank you, much :)
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doni54, Aug 21, 2011
Beautiful kids, beautiful mom....what more can I say!!!