Sexy, swollen ankles at 23 1/2 weeks (Shrek feet as I call them)
Sexy, swollen ankles at 23 1/2 weeks (Shrek feet as I call them)
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tryingfor1sttime815, Aug 29, 2011
LOL!  In my first pregnancy I called my feet, Hobbit's feet.  You poor thing, they look painful.  I had to take my wedding ring off a little over a week ago at 21 weeks :(.  I am hoping it is just the weather and the swelling won't be so bad this fall.
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Kimberleigh2208, Aug 30, 2011
I took my rings off a couple months ago and just wear them on a necklace around my neck -- they were already a little tight from gaining quite a bit of weight since I got married.  I was about 140 lbs then (February 2008) and with the pregnancy and everything else I'm over 200 now which is hard on my knees but I know I'll be motivated to get back down to size after the baby is here.  As for my feet, they aren't too bad most of the time, they just LOOK awful!  The light in the picture makes them almost look green or blue but I assure you they are normal skin tone!  Hope the Fall comes soon and stays for a long time -- it's my favorite season here!
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expectingandhopeful, Sep 21, 2011
:-D It's as if I was looking at my own feet but my get red/ purple/ yellow these days. Very painful but that doesn't compare to the itchy belly that I am dealing with now. Wishing you healty and happy rest of pregnancy!
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nic374, Oct 08, 2011
yes i remember those days, I got pupps too all over my ankles and they itched like crazy towards the end, after birth my water left me 100% durning the first week, wow bring back memories
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cindylouwho514, Nov 25, 2011
I can relate...I ask myself "where did my ankles go".