Acceptance tat, part 2
Acceptance tat, part 2
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addicted2harleys, Aug 31, 2011
Sorry the pictures are sideways.  I should have rotated them.  My tat is on my left calf and covers my leg halfway around and goes to just below my knee.  It truly is beautiful...the artist was amazing.  He drew all but the unicorns freehand.
1755089 tn?1376053555
drewlevas, Aug 31, 2011
I love your tat. I myself cant wait to have my back piece finish!
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HoustonDogLove, Sep 01, 2011
Awesome! It almost made me cry. I want to do something to maybe mark the year i got out of college and was Dx'd with this and to inspire me. My BFF and I got a tattoo together in college and we want to do it again. She just lost a new born colt from her stallion and the mare within 24 hours. She was really hoping to have that baby because her stallion is not going to live forever. She wanted to get "this too will soon pass"  I Love horses and motorcycles and was thinking of a horse motorcycle or something.  ! don't know yet.