This Months OPKs
This Months OPKs
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amy8702, Dec 02, 2011
Still hard to say if its positive or not. But, depending the time of day you took it you may have gotten a much stronger one if you retested a few hrs later. Did you void drinking fluids 4 hrs before? I think you have a chance as long as you have been DTD the last few days.
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martikadragoon, Jan 19, 2012
I do avoid drinking alot of fluids for several hours before testing and I tested morning and afternoon (a couple were at night)
We DTD everyother day because DH was really tired from work (lowes mgr)

However we didn't conceive.... From now on I'm not gonna take OPK's for about another 6m at least.... I'm just going to have FUN.