The Final Product.
The Final Product.
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Misfits4Me, Dec 24, 2011
It's Fabulous!!!!!! A "Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice" Tree.....Love the Dog Bones in Honor of those gone, but not forgotten.....What a wonderful gesture......I can see "BB's", "Captain Jack's" & "Two Bit's"......It really is beautiful!  I have Collars & Tags tied with ribbon on mine......Merry Christmas to you and your family Connie.......Hope your Season is Bright!      Karla
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TwoBitsMom, Dec 26, 2011
Thanks Karla....I had a dog..her name was Chainsaw.  She loved this tree. My friend would bake gingerbread cookies every year just for Chainsaw. I would put them on the tree, and Chainsaw would guard this tree everyday, until I would give her one of the cookies. She was always excited to see this tree go up..year after year.  She sure was a wonderful of my true loves. When she died 4 years ago, I could not even think about putting up this tree. Honestly, Christmas has never been the same. I have not put this tree up for 4 years,because it just reminds me of how much I miss her. But...Tony and Mark convinced me that I should put the tree up to honor I did. It was pretty emotional for me that day, and still is. I took pictures of me crying and posted them so Mark and Tony could suffer with me...!  ( Of course...I was smart enough to only allow my friends to see them )  As ready as I am to pack this tree back up, I know I will be crying on that day too. God, how I love my dogs. If my husband were a dog, he would have it made...!
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tonyb286, Dec 26, 2011
Connie, the tree looks fantastic and Chainsaw would be proud of you. It was such a nice gesture for yourself .. and for BB, Captain Jack and Two Bits ... next year, it should be easier!!! Hope you are having a fabulous holiday period and I wish you all the nicest things for 2012. Tony xxx
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TwoBitsMom, Dec 26, 2011
Yes, Tony....I am sure next year will be easier....and as difficult as it was for me to put this tree up this year, at least you and Mark got me on the right track.  It is the only Christmas decoration I have up this year....along with my Grinch Tshirt, that I have been wearing faithfully for the past 4 years....!  
I hope your holiday weekend was nice for you.  My Mini Celebration will start tonight, when my nieces and ex-sister in-law arrive. They are coming from Missouri, and should arrive around 7 or 8 tonight.  She will be glad to see that I have my tree up.
They are going to stay here for 4 days....I am looking forward to having them.
I will write to you soon.   Connie xxx's
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meg321, Feb 06, 2012
We had a poodle in our family a long time ago and he name was "two bits", you always make me think of her.

hugs, meg