another Cindy-Lou Who
another Cindy-Lou Who
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ANewLife4Me, Dec 29, 2011
Awww, she is beautiful!  
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meg321, Dec 29, 2011
Thanks, she is just adorable and already spoiled rotten..I love her !
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aheart, Feb 10, 2012
What a beauty, you always see these dogs in old oil paintings and with aristacrats. But I'm betting that she is just your baby! My boy Rusty would love her! lol
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essdipity, Feb 12, 2012
Meg, what a gorgeous tri-color girl!! Such a sweet little face.

I just love Cavs. My own girl, Poppy, is a Blenheim. You can see her pic on my profile page. She's 7 now, and is as full of beans as ever.

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meg321, Feb 12, 2012
Does that make us family ?  Cindy is a rescue dog and probably about the same age as Poppy.  She doesn't really play with toys and if I am with her, she will not leave my side.  If there are other people and/or dogs she will move around and visit with everyone.

She loves people and other dogs.