my horse Lucien
my horse Lucien
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aheart, Feb 11, 2012
She is beautiful and so are you I might add! Your so blessed to have horses, they are such magnificant beasts. Very photogenic too. I'd love to see your other pics of your horses.
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stalion, Feb 12, 2012
Thank you I am going to try to upload some more phtos, I am not the best on the PC. We had two horses, my Lucien a palomino paint , and Mister Red, a bay standard breed, after I broke my back, I got bucked off we keept them, cause I hated to sell them, I still enjoyed going down to the barn and grooming them and talking to them. I found a wonderful Father and daughter, who have them now, they got a wonderful new home! I miss them so much, but I have a little Bichon now his name is Max, he is my little man!