Star due foal April
Star due foal April
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Valkyrie568, Feb 01, 2012
She is a pretty girl. I love the pink halter against the black. My husband has had two black mares with nearly identical markings. I miss them. I will be anxious to see the new baby!
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MrsAristotle, Feb 02, 2012
Mandy is hoping for a grey mare like the stallion lol. He is very handsome.

Star was only put into foal because her hormones were terrible and every month was a chore to try and back her up for riding and stuff. I bought her for Mandy when she was about 2 years old i think maybe younger. Cant remember my brain is terrible. Mandy is hoping the foal will calm her down a bit lol.....

We have always had animals. when i lived in Kenya i worked volunteer for the RSPCA (animal cruelty) and fostered lots of dogs lol and got them good homes.

I love animals you know where you stand with them.
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margypops, Feb 29, 2012
Me too its a inherent British trait the love of animals ..Thats a lovely horse .