me and Ro!
me and Ro!
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katie761, Apr 23, 2012
I love his face expression :) so cute!
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krichar, Apr 23, 2012
So sweet :)
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Michele, Katy, TX, Apr 24, 2012
Oh my gosh!  He is so gorgeous!!!
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haz1104, Apr 24, 2012
Awwww isn't he just adorable??? Live the look as well n momma u look great!!
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specialmom, Apr 26, 2012
He's so alert!  And he looks strong already!!  What a doll.  I love his hair.  And you look great too sweetie!
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Ashelen, Apr 26, 2012
thank you all, he is VERY alert! he's also giving little smiles here and there...I can't believe he's four weeks old tomorrow!!!
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adgal, Apr 27, 2012
Oh he is just so sweet.  I wish I could snuggle him in real life!  You make the most beautiful babies love.  And your looking good girl!
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skepticalpeach, Apr 29, 2012
He's so cute!
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Leyisel21, May 02, 2012
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hopeitworks, May 03, 2012
awwwhh so cute!