Time to make firewood...
Time to make firewood...
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Heather3418, Jul 30, 2008
JS looks mean as h e l l here, but he's not at all.  He's just a hard worker, that doesn't let the size of a log, stop him from what he sees, needs to be done.  That's my guy. I admire his tenacity.  Heather
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snoozies43, Jul 31, 2008
Js looks like he keeps on goin despite obstacles in life!. An inspiration truly. Thanx my friend. Great pic! Reminds me that we have wood to start splitting in a month. Echh..but if ya look at the positive in that it is ...."you can do it"
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CaliGirl48, Aug 05, 2008
ya hes a big meanie lol
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Heather3418, Aug 10, 2008
I really admire you Scott. You are one of the hardest working men I have ever known. Hard to believe that you live such an active lifestyle, but officially retired.  Here's to the NEXT 60 years, fella.  Happy Birthday!