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hopeitworks, May 02, 2012
Luv the color blue you chose, So peaceful
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Echo30, May 02, 2012
omg this nursery is BEAUTIFUL, my dream nursery!!!  great job!!!!
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mhv, May 03, 2012
You did a great job!!! :)
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Kricket212, May 05, 2012
Beautiful.   So nice you got them each a changing table.
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journey2motherhood, May 05, 2012
Thank you ladies! As soon as I figured out it what I wanted for bedding, I went from there.  

Kricket - I was originally going to get them just one changing table, but since its a combo dresser, and there is a hutch that can go on top, I decided to get two, so when they each have their own room one day, they will have a dresser.  
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CarlaLP, May 05, 2012
ROOM looks great!! They are so lucky :) It's a good set up. God Bless ;)
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Kricket212, May 05, 2012
I agree with Carla...very good set up.  THose little ones are very blessed to have such a wonderful mommy.
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adgal, May 08, 2012
I have almost the identical crib/dresser set (well, I only have  So love your taste!!  Beautiful nursery for two so very wanted, loved and very lucky little boys.  So close now!!