48 weeks of syringes.....OH MY
48 weeks of syringes.....OH MY
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uncledudeness, May 13, 2012
when i look back on the 48 weeks, it's all a blur...well mostly...it went by quickly. after relapsing, i guess i need another box.
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flcyclist, May 13, 2012
I took a similar picture with 48 jammed into a sharps container.  It was a good reminder of how many friday night jabs have gone by.  It was a pleasure to drop the container off to the doc.  You did it once Unc, you can get through this a second time.  
1280753 tn?1367757932
uncledudeness, Sep 14, 2012
well i have my first INF shot warming up now. Sept 14th and shot one is in the queue. i better get another box ready. let's see, 48 weeks from tonight is ahhhhhh.
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free4balance, Jan 03, 2013
holy omgoodness, *sigh* , but still laughing at your "memory box"...